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National Theatre of the Deaf – EDUCATIONAL PARTNERS

The W-5 Learn & Study Toghether Guide

NTD as an Educational Partner

In addition to providing a high quality artistic experience, NTD strives to serve as an educational partner with the schools that host performances. NTD supplies useful and informative Study Together Guide free-of-charge to all schools who book a performance. The Study Together Guide is intended to assist teachers in preparing their classes to get the most from each performance as an educational and artistic experience. The guide provides information on Deaf culture, American Sign Language, and the historical and cultural contexts of the production. It also gives teachers tips for working with Deaf students in the mainstream classroom, hints for working with sign language interpreters, and suggestions for meaningful classroom exercises.

Learn and Study Together

Our Learn and Study Together Guide provides teachers with material about the performance, exercises and activities to do in the classroom pre and postperformance, and even includes sign language lessons. Working hand in hand with curriculum, our National Theatre of the Deaf performances and our Learn and Study Together Guide provide experiences and exercises to further the education of curriculum disciplines, social values of diversity, culture awareness, social studies, and more! Additionally, students will be exposed to a less-known culture from our own United States.

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