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Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center

American School for the Deaf

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Gallaudet University

U.S. Department of Education


Deaf internet resources

Deaf resource library

Deaf news from around the word

Provides greater accessibility to the arts

Provides listing of Deaf and interpreter -related events

Provides links to websites serving the Deaf community

Matches Deaf artists with opportunities

LTD alumna

Offers performances and workshops in sign, mime, ASL Lit and more

Renowned author and illustrator of children’s books

Australian Theatre of the Deaf

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The links below are Representatives of Connecticut Coalition of Services for the Deaf (CCOSD) websites

American School for the Deaf
American School for the Deaf Alumni Association
Association of Late-Deafened Adults Inc.
CT Association of the Deaf
CT Deaf Senior Citizens
Communication Advocacy Network
Connecticut Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Deaf-Blind Association of CT
Deaf Women of CT
Department of Rehabilitation Services
Disability Network of Eastern CT
Gallaudet University Alumni Association
Hartford Club of the Deaf
Hearing Loss Association of America
Independence Unlimited, Inc.
Julia Silvestri
National Theatre of the Deaf
NCCC Collegiate Education for Deaf/HOH
Relay Connecticut
RIT/NTID Alumni Association
Sign Language Insstructors’ Pool of Connecticut
Sorenson VRS
Sprint Relay