National Theatre of the Deaf

National Theatre of the Deaf – MISSION

Mr. Rogers with National Theatre of the Deaf actor, Tim Scanlon

By entertaining, enlightening and educating
our audiences, we change lives through the arts.

Mission Statement
To present theatrical work of the highest quality, performing in the unique style we created through blending American Sign Language and spoken word.

In support of this mission, NTD:

                  • entertains, educates, and enlightens the general public, building bridges, opening their eyes and ears to Deaf culture;
                  • seeks, trains, and employs deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing artists;
                  • offers its work to culturally diverse and inclusive audiences through performances, workshops, training, and community outreach activities which facilitate involvement with our methods of work.

Organization Summary – Connecticut’s National Treasure
The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) entertains, educates, and enlightens a wide spectrum of audiences with its unique performance style that blends American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken word.  This merging of sign and speech creates a visually rich, physical, and spatial art form that adds depth, meaning, and perception to traditional and original stage plays, and is accessible to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing theatre-goers.  Audiences are engaged through their imaginations and sensibilities by innovative artistic methods, and see and hear every word or concept, increasing appreciation for the performing arts and diverse cultures.

The NTD, established in 1967 at the Eugene O’Neill Memorial Theater Center, Waterford, CT with the funding support of the U.S. Department of Education, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit tax-exempt professional theatre company. NTD has performed in 50 states and toured 7 continents, including 33 countries around the world, and has been hailed as a global ambassador. It is generally recognized as the first professional theatre company to integrate sign language and spoken word. NTD seeks out, trains, and employs deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing artists, providing a model for collaboration and harmony between diverse peoples and languages. This company provides outreach through performances, workshops, and residencies, providing viable life-long learning activities and appreciation of all peoples, languages, and cultures, including ASL and the Deaf community.