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Betty Beekman, Executive Director
William C. Martin, Marketing/PR Consultant
George Ghista, Accountant
Kathy Strauss, Company Interpreter

A. Vincent Scarano, Photography, NTD Photographer

Biography: Betty Beekman, Executive Director

Through the years in working with the National Theatre of the Deaf, Betty has played a part in many different areas of the NTD creative as well as management teams. She has taught Sign Language techniques at the NTD Professional Theatre School. When NTD was home based in Chester, CT, Betty was in charge and taught the community sign language/outreach program. For many years, she directed the company's Storytelling Hours on the Green in Chester, directed freelance work, and worked as Education and Outreach Coordinator as well as Tour Director. Betty has also written the Little Theatre of the Deaf's Learn and Study Together Guide for the past five seasons. Betty has directed Little Theatre of the Deaf performances off and on since 1983, including the current Un-Brella piece which she also wrote. She has designed lighting for the NTD national tour of All the Way Home, directed by Colleen Dewhurst and A Christmas Carol. Betty has Stage Managed eighteen of the NTD national main stage tours, twelve foreign tours and three television programs for WGBH "Festival of Hands Series: The Silken Tent", the "Road to Cordoba" and "Issa's Treasure," for which she also did voice over work.