The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) Board is thrilled to announce the selection of our High School Theatre Immersion Program (TIP) Director, Brian Cheslik! He is an experienced theatre artist and professional from Austin, TX. We look forward to inspiring the future of #DeafTalent at this summer’s TIP program under Brian’s leadership.

The NTD TIP Director position was posted on February 9, 2020. After an extensive interview and screening process on March 29, 2020 the Board ratified its selection of Brian Cheslik as the 2020 NTD TIP Director.

Brian, originally from Columbus, Ohio, has been working in theatre for the past 20 years and has performed every function in the theatrical hierarchy. He has been teaching for the past six years, five of which he has served working as the high school theatre teacher at Texas School for the Deaf, where he is now the coordinator for the TSD Performing Arts Program.

He is also the artistic director of Deaf Austin Theatre, and services the Austin theatre community by educating theaters on how to make their productions accessible to Deaf audiences and promoting inclusion of Deaf and hard of hearing actors, in addition to training theatrical ASL interpreters.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a minor in theatre from Gallaudet University ’14, a master’s in Deaf studies & Deaf education from Lamar University ’16, and is currently working on his doctorate in Deaf studies & Deaf education from Lamar University ’21.

He has been working to revise the NTD Theatre Immersion Program from the original in-person event to an online format which will take place during the summer of 2020. Please watch for updates and details about the new plans from Brian soon!

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