The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) seeks submissions of short creative material for production in 2023. We are interested in any short creative works that relate to our new mission, “to explore what it means to be Deaf in America, through arts-focused initiatives and stories about us, by us, through us”:

  • one act plays
  • visual vernacular (VV) stories
  • ASL poetry
  • monologues
  • any other short pieces

Creators should submit script-level material, either in ASL or English, for review by our board members via email at For video submissions, please send a private YouTube link to the video. The deadline for submission is October 1, 2022. Submissions will be made publicly available for viewing and voting on our website during the review period. There will be a weighted system where audience voting influences the final selections. Our board, with the support of the voting process, will select three submissions that best exemplify NTD’s new mission for staging in Washington, D.C. Creators whose material is selected will be compensated appropriately.

A white male with curly hair and a beard in a blue polo shirt and brown-gray sports coat is smiling at the camera.

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National Theatre of the Deaf
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