Twenty-seven high school students successfully completed their National Theatre of the Deaf Summer Immersion program hosted online from June 15 through July 25, 2020, through video classrooms. Sixteen expert Deaf theatre professionals provided lessons on the following areas:

Douglas Ridloff – Visual Vernacular
Amelia Hensley – Comedic Acting
Monique Holt – ASL Translation
Joey Caverly – Improv
Sandra Mae Frank – Dramatic Acting/ ASL Music
JoAnn Benfield – ASL Music
Michelle Banks – Directing
Jonathan Mesich – Set
Nikolya Sereda – Costume
Deafies in Drag – Make-Up
Antoine Hunter- Dance
Raymond Luczak – Playwriting
Joshua Castille – Auditioning
Norah Ellen Matthews – Light Design
Jules Dameron – Filmmaking

Each of these theatre professionals took the time to nature and grow their student’s knowledge and abilities. Thank you!

We want to congratulate the students on their achievement!

The NTD TIP program would not have been possible without the incredible leadership, energy, and creativity of the NTD TIP Program Director, Brian Cheslik! Brian is a remarkable theatre professional and the future is bright for him and those who thrive under his vision.

Finally, we wish to express our gratitude to the Beatrice Auerbach Fox Fund at the Hartford Foundation, Connecticut, Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts, and to our donors and supporters who made this program possible. If you wish to ensure that programs like NTD TIP and other similar programs at NTD continue to support the growth of the Deaf Theatre ecosystem, please donate to NTD at

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