The National Theatre of the Deaf is thrilled to announce our Mainstage production for 2020! Deafenstein is our Deaf take on the horror classic, Frankenstein, with a modern twist!  

Written by Anna Wood-Jacobowitz and produced by Nikolya Sereda, Deafenstein follows two deaf brothers directing the titular film adaptation of Frankenstein. In their version, the Doctor brings a deaf Creature back to life and tries to restore its hearing, unknowingly creating a new companion for his wife Mabel. As secrets develop in the Doctor’s basement, the brothers increasingly disagree on the core message of the story.

NTD has over 50+ years of providing innovative productions and training for aspiring Deaf talent in theatre and the arts using American Sign Language (ASL). NTD is a theater group composed of deaf and hearing actors who entertain audiences worldwide through signed and spoken languages.

Shortly, NTD will announce when and where we will perform this exciting production! Stay with us… and watch Deafenstein come to LIFE! Witness NTD’s comeback production—you won’t want to miss it!

Deafenstein is made possible by the State of Connecticut, Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts.

National Theatre of the Deaf
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