The National Theatre of the Deaf is most pleased to announce the inclusion of three new members to its Board, Kari Hansen, David Bahar and Hector Reynoso. This brings the total number of Board members to 13.

Kari Hansen

Dr. Kari Hansen is a data scientist working at the Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General. She holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and a Ph.D. degree in Educational Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation from University of Maryland, College Park. She’s previously worked as a mathematical statistician at the U.S. Census Bureau and as a professor at Gallaudet University, During her time at RIT, she was involved in the NTID Theater program as an ASL translator, stage manager, and assistant director.

David Bahar

David Bahar ‎is a public policy and regulatory affairs veteran, a graduate of GWU’s Graduate School of Political Management, and is currently the director of Telecommunications Access of Maryland.

David has worked with Congress, Federal agencies, and other advocacy groups to advance telecommunications access and disability rights. He started his career as a staffer in the House of Representatives, moving on to the startup and nonprofit sectors before coming to state government. He helps out once in a while, for a cookie.

Hector Reynoso

Hector RJ. Reynoso was born in Mexico as a Deaf Mexican. He performed in a number of productions at Synetic Theater, Deaf Festival Kentucky, Capital Fringe Festival, Rustaveli Theater in Republic of Georgia, and New York Deaf Theatre. He won a Helen Hayes award for outstanding ensemble, and he was nominated for an actor in Goya’s in the House of the Deaf Man in 2008 at Carnegie Mellon University, and Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region II/Gallaudet University production. He portrayed all roles in one actor’s production of A Christmas Carol for the New York Deaf Theatre on film. He is passionate about encouraging more Deaf children and young adults to pursue their dreams, make a difference with their natural talents, and shine their true colors.

The Board are looking forward to working with Hector, David, and Kari in the ongoing work to cement NTD’s presence in the local metropolitan D.C. area and nationally.

You can learn more about the NTD Board at:

For those interested in serving on the NTD Board, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Our bylaws state that we are allowed a maximum of 15 board members. More information about NTD Board service can be found at our last call for members: Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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