National Theatre of the Deaf Announces Move to DC & New Connecticut Theatre Organization

September 10, 2020

The National Theater of the Deaf (NTD) is pleased to announce its move to Washington, DC effective September 1, 2020 and the creation of a new organization in Connecticut legally recognized as The NTD-Connecticut (NTD-CT).

The NTD Board conducted approximately a two-year review and extensive discussions on its mission, programs, and future under the leadership of the Executive Committee composed of Dr. Harvey Corson, Board Chair; James Pedersen, Vice-Chair & Treasurer; and Joan Hanna, Secretary with the support of Shane Feldman, NTD Strategic Consultant. Other Board members, John Basinger, Tyrone Giordano, and Gary Greco were active participants in the Board deliberations and decisions on this strategic direction for the organization. 

About NTD

Since its founding in 1967, NTD has a long and rich history as a proud national and international performing arts organization. NTD pioneered a dual language theatre concept, creating a hybrid of American Sign Language with spoken English that has been seen in all fifty states in the U.S., in thirty-three countries, and on all seven continents throughout the world. NTD has appeared and performed on Broadway, the Disney Channel, on Sesame Street, at the White House, and before luminaries and dignitaries the world over.

About NTD-CT

A newly formed Connecticut non-profit entity, The National Theatre of the Deaf – Connecticut (NTD-CT) will  provide local, state and regional educational and theatrical programs and activities,    including our successful Theater Immersion Program for young high school Deaf & hard of hearing aspiring performing artists. It is our goal to expand and diversify our programming and local, state, and regional partnerships that cultivate and showcase aspiring and professional Deaf talent.

NTD wishes to thank three businesses for their expert collaboration and guidance for the delicate process of deciding how to restructure and carrying out the tremendous task: Innivee Strategies ( an organizational consulting firm, and Pro Bono Partnership (, a nationally recognized provider of free business and transactional legal services to nonprofits which provides services to Connecticut nonprofit organizations, resulting in Morgan, Lewis and Bockius, LLP, a law firm in Hartford, CT, working with NTD.

The NTD organizational change led to the formation and election of new board members for each respective organization.

The new National Theatre of the Deaf Board is:

  • Tyrone Giordano, Board Chair
  • Dr. Jill Bradbury, Secretary
  • Vice-Chair and Treasurer – to be elected at the next Board meeting.
  • Dr. Harvey J. Corson
  • Richard Costes
  • April Jackson
  • Ryan Maliszewski
  • Natasha Ofili
  • James Pedersen
  • Dr. Joseph Santini
  • Ethan Sinnott
  • Warren Snipe
  • Alexandria Wailes

The Connecticut organization of the National Theatre of the Deaf Board is:

  • Dr. Harvey J. Corson, Board Chair
  • Patrick Fischer, Vice Chair
  • K.C. Beauregard, Secretary
  • Debbie Bosworth, Treasurer
  • John Basinger
  • Alvin Chege
  • Kathy Falco
  • Gary Greco
  • Joan Hanna
  • Milmaglyn Morales
  • Angel Rubinan

Please visit the NTD Board page at: to learn about each Board member.

If you wish to learn more about the National Theatre of the Deaf, please visit our website at This website will be the primary website and communication channel for both organizations until a new website is created for the NTD-CT entity.

If you have any questions about NTD or this press release, please contact

National Theatre of the Deaf
Elstad Annex
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002